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(2014) “Crosscare Information and Advocacy Services are composed of 3 projects: Housing & Welfare Information, the Migrant Project and the Refugee Service. Through working in partnership with Mercy Law Resource Centre we are able to identify and challenge breaches in the law. In situations where legal representation is required, we are fortunate enough to be able to make referrals to Mercy Law. Mercy Law also provides an important advisory role to our staff, which equips us with the necessary legal knowledge to challenge decisions in a timely and effective manner. This work continues to lead to successful outcomes for our clients. In 2014, some of these outcomes included the security of medical priority for housing; the prevention of homelessness and access to social housing support during periods of homelessness.”


(2013) "Crosscare Housing and Welfare Information is an information & advocacy service which works with people experiencing difficulties accessing social welfare, homelessness and housing supports. Over recent years cases presenting to us are increasing in complexity. It is therefore excellent that we can rely on the legal support and expertise of Mercy Law Resource Centre.  MLRC assist us by not only taking on individual client cases but also by providing an invaluable role in up skilling our team of information and advocacy workers. Through working in partnership with MLRC we have achieved many positive outcomes not only for individual clients presenting, but outcomes that can influence positive change  more broadly. This assists us to have broader impact and capacity to challenge decision made that adversely affect our client’s lives."


(2012) “Crosscare  Housing  and  Welfare  Information  (CHWI)  provides  an information and advocacy service to people in the areas of homelessness, housing, social welfare and related matters.  Over the recent years our clients are presenting with increasingly complex and legalistic cases and can experience serious difficulties in accessing their entitlements with regard to social protection, housing and homeless supports.  It is a challenge for us to address these cases adequately both at an individual, strategic and policy level.

It is therefore extremely fortunate that we have been able to access the excellent support and knowledge base of Mercy Law Resource Centre.  As a direct result we have been able to tackle many of the above issues more effectively.  Consequently, not only individual positive results but also wider changes in the behaviour of arms of the State have been achieved. These outcomes achieved will benefit many other people whom our services may never interact with.  It is clear to us that the close collaboration with Mercy Law Resource Centre has been of great benefit to our clients and ourselves as practitioners.

We are a better service at many levels directly due to the relationship we have with your service and would like to thank Mercy Law Resource Centre on behalf of not only our clients but of all of us here at CHWI."


(2011) “Our clients often achieve positive outcomes and in many cases the results gained are either directly attributable or greatly contributed to by the support we obtain from you through Mercy Law Resource Centre.  It must be said that your advice and assistance as well as the interventions made by you have made a critical difference in some of our most serious cases.  Ciara, Anne, Irena and myself have also benefited significantly in terms of our own practice and knowledge.  We believe that we have done better work thanks to your support.  Consequently, all of us would like to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of both our clients and ourselves for the very positive impact you have had on their lives and our service.”


 ”While we have extensive knowledge and experience of participative methods of working on housing issues, we are not legally trained and have required additional support and guidance on how best to work around the legal complexities of various campaigns. The Mercy Law Centre has given us invaluable advice, support and direction whenever we have needed it. They have played a pivotal role in our work with the Rialto Rights in Action campaign in Dolphin House, helping us to tease out campaign strategies from a legal perspective and putting us in contact with Bill Scott, who continues to offer high quality technical advice to the ongoing campaign. We have appreciated the manner in which they have worked with us, given that we do not fit the traditional profile of a “client”. They have always responded to our support needs while at the same time allowing us to make decisions about how best to use their advice.”


(2014) "I work in the Focus Ireland Advice and Information Service. Mercy Law solicitors run regular clinics for our customers. Their advice to both customers and staff is always practical and pragmatic and of tremendous assistance to our service. Having access to appropriate legal advice can significantly reduce stress for our customers, particularly when they face complex accommodation issues. Mercy Law are interested in the challenges our team encounters and endeavour to work with us in a complementary way. We look forward to building on this relationship."


(2013) "I work on the Open Access Case Management team, Focus Ireland. Mercy Law supported my customer with an issue they were having with the local authority regarding their housing application; the result of which was a positive outcome. The solicitor was a strong advocate and understood the complex needs of my customer. The solicitor was extremely professional and her expertise in the area was a great support for my customer.

The team in Mercy Law are an invaluable support and have given both customers and the team extremely helpful advice. The solicitors are flexible and their expertise, commitment and interventions have been vital in some of our cases. I would thoroughly recommend Mercy Law and would like to thank them for their support to date."


(2012) “I work in the Open Access Case Management in Focus Ireland. I have used the Mercy Law Centre to assist one of my clients with a Rent Allowance issue. The solicitor strongly advocated on this client‟s behalf and supported him to deal with the Social Welfare Services.

The  Mercy  Law Centre has  been  an  invaluable resource  for  both  our  clients and  project workers. Their expertise has provided support to those in need of legal advice on Housing rights and  Social Welfare  laws.  They  have a  great  understanding of  our  clients‟  difficulties and struggles and have always endeavoured to address their issues in a client-centred way. While they have worked with our customers they have also advised and supported our team members, which has strengthened their advocacy work.

They are a very dedicated team and have offered so much of their time to our clients, free of charge. I would recommend the Mercy Law Centre to anyone who is in difficulties, at risk of becoming homeless or struggling to move on from homelessness.”


(2011) “I work on the National Family Case Management Service, Focus Ireland.  I have used the support of the Mercy Law Centre, to assist my client regarding his council housing application.  The solicitor strongly advocated on behalf of my client with the council and fortunately the case was successfully won.  The Mercy Law Centre offered so much of their time and support to my client, free of charge.  The solicitor attended meetings both at Focus Ireland and at the Mercy Law Centre.  The solicitor regularly contacted my client with updates.  I found The Mercy Law Centre to be very thorough gathering their information in order to pursue appropriate legal action.  I would recommend the Mercy Law Centre to anyone who is having difficulties with their housing rights, for advice and legal support.  This service offers invaluable opportunity to support people to move on from homelessness”.



(2014) “Having the Mercy Law Centre fortnightly clinic at Saoirse Women’s Refuge has been a really positive resource for our clients over the past few months, as it provides additional support they otherwise may not have access to. Housing and social welfare issues are two of the main challenges a lot of our clients face. It has been a pleasure working with Maeve and the team and we look forward to the future collaboration between our services”.


(2012) "The legal information, advice and support we received from the MLRC was invaluable. We found them to be well informed, efficient and a great support. We will definitely be recommending the MLRC to clients in the future."


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"Like many other voluntary bodies we are in the position of supporting our tenants whilst at the same time being in the position of a Landlord. This can be a delicate situation at times and we always appreciate the opportunity to “sound-out” particular scenarios with MLRC.  We also find it very useful to exchange information and viewpoints when there are proposed changes in legislation or in Tenancy Agreements etc.
We are also aware of the invaluable work and advice that MLRC provides on behalf of so many tenants who do not have resources or “knowhow” to resolve their own particular issues."


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(2014) ‘Dublin Simon Community are greatly appreciative of the vital service provided by Mercy Law Centre. They offer invaluable knowledge and assistance to people who access our services and are extremely professional and dedicated. They provide an expertise that compliments the services we provide and offer invaluable support and advice to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.’


(2012) “I  have  always  found  Mercy  Law  Centre  to  be  extremely  professional  and dedicated in their approach. They regularly ring and check in to see if there are any clients who would like to avail of the service and have always being flexible in meeting with clients. They offer invaluable knowledge and assistance to people who use Dublin Simon Community services and I would recommend them to anyone in need of this type of assistance. They provide an expertise that complements the services we provide and is extremely beneficial to people who use our services.”

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"Rose delivered a very clear and relevant training session based upon what we had asked for. She provided us with documentation that will assist us enormously with our advocacy work. I can highly recommend the work of MLRC, especially as a support for implementing a human rights approach to our work. Thank you!'

"The training we had with Rose helped me to understand ways in which we can now legally challenge decisions made by external agencies about people we work with that we are unhappy with or unsure about. This is extremely useful from an advocacy point of view."

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(2014) “An increasing number of those presenting at the Liberties Information Centre are at risk of homelessness, or have experienced significant difficulties accessing social housing. We have worked with the Mercy Law Centre for a number of years now and their assistance, advice, and advocacy has been invaluable in ensuring positive outcomes in many of these cases. In addition, all of our staff here have benefited from the expert knowledge and training sessions conducted by the Mercy Law Centre, which has enhanced our ability to advise and advocate on social housing issues. We look forward to continuing our work with the Mercy Law Centre and wish them well for the year ahead.”


(2013) "The Liberties Citizens Information Centre provides advice and advocacy services on a range of issues, primarily relating to social welfare and social housing issues.

Over the last number of years our caseload has increased significantly. Many of the issues presenting at our centre have become more complex.

Whether it is accessing local authority housing lists or homeless services, ensuring housing regulations and standards are maintained, preventing clients from becoming homeless, or upholding tenant’s rights – the staff at the Mercy Law Centre are at hand to provide expert advice and assistance.

Over the last twelve months we have referred many cases to the Mercy Law Centre all of which have been pursued with the utmost dedication to achieve a fair and just outcome for the client.

Our own advocacy service has benefited immensely from our collaboration with the Mercy Law Centre as we have been able to take their advice and approach into many of the cases we deal with.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff at the Mercy Law Centre for their ongoing assistance and wish them well for the coming year."


(2012) "The Liberties Citizens Information Centre works closely with the Mercy Law Centre in dealing primarily, but not exclusively, with social housing issues on behalf of our clients. We wish to express our gratitude to all the staff, in particular Rose and Sabrina, for their advice  and  assistance  throughout  the  last  year,  which  proved  invaluable  in  resolving  a significant number of our cases. Despite having their own considerable case load, Rose and Sabrina are always available to answer our queries, and to offer comprehensive legal advice and support as required. We have learned a great deal from our collaboration with the Mercy Law Centre, and we look forward to continuing that work in the future.”



"We regularly use the services of Rose Wall and the Mercy Law Centre for our clients when faced with problems in their social housing accommodation. The staff are always responsive, helpful and well-informed and the existence of the Mercy Law Centre makes our work a lot easier. As a result, we value their assistance immensely."


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"Clients of the Women's Therapy Centre who are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless are referred to the MLRC. The response from the MLRC is immediate, efficient and experienced by our clients as very supportive from the first moment of contact with the MLRC. They received the necessary legal advice and the practical guidance to find further accommodation. Valuable emotional support was, and continues to be provided through this painful process – support that is described by clients as essential. The provision of this form of practical support means that clients can use their time at the WTC to focus on the “deeper”, more psychological concerns, knowing that outside this therapeutic hour their more day to day immediate concerns are being taken seriously and attended to.

The MLRC provides us at the Women's Therapy Centre with the legal advice that therapists sometimes need to provide for clients. The advice given is prompt, accurate, helpful to our therapists and invaluable to our clients, many of whom are struggling with legal issues in the aftermath of separation and divorce.

The WTC is delighted to provide a day's training each year for volunteers who be-friend clients of the MLRC. This provides an opportunity for personnel from both agencies to meet, professional contacts are established that form the basis for on-going trusting relationships between both agencies. These relationships in turn ease the referral process as each agency is ensured of a professional and prompt response from the other agency."

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(2014) “The Mercy Law team are professional and compassionate in their service to our service users in Back Lane Hostel. They bring understanding and sensitivity in progressing housing and welfare issues with service users who may not otherwise normally avail of this service.

Mercy Law have advocated strongly on behalf of vulnerable service users who have had difficulties in having their voice heard but with the assistance of Mercy Law now have more positive outcomes.”


(2013) "Depaul Ireland Back Lane Hostel works with men of all ages and backgrounds who are homeless and over the age of 18. Mercy Law has been working in partnership with Back Lane with this vulnerable group of people and have provided advice and advocacy to individuals who may have thought they could not progress their current circumstances but now have hope.

The Mercy Law team are professional and compassionate in their approach, providing clarity and advice on primarily housing and welfare issues, maintaining contact with service users on the progression of their case and a service that many of our service users would not normally have access to. This is an invaluable resource and we look forward to many more years working with Mercy Law."


(2012) “Backlane Hostel (DePaul Ireland) is proud of our long term relationship with the Mercy Law Resource Centre and their legal team who assist our clients to ensure a swift effective resolution in pursing their housing needs.

The Mercy law Resource centre remain committed to continuing the high level of support for which they are renowned. They motivate our clients with housing issues to identify their housing needs  and  rights.  Our  residents  and  staff  have  benefited  from  supports  of  their  highly experienced professionals who are skilled in the resolutions of disputes in relations to housing issues."


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