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  • Irish Times Article, 5th Nov 2012

          Child care hearings project launched



  • Irish Times Article, 5th Oct 2012

         The Court must hear children's views if poll passes, says expert








  • Irish Times Article, 25th June 2012

          Domestic Violence Pilot Scheme Praised


  • Irish Times Article, 11th June 2012

          Law centre for Children to open in Ireland


  • Irish Times Article, 6th June 2012

          Convention to Discuss Reform of the Constitution


  • ‘Think of Important Women in your life, now think of this:  more than half of all women will be victims of violence'  UN Secretary General article 6th June 2012.

          The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the following remarks to the Special Cultural Event Supporting UN-Women           and Celebrating the sixty-sixth presidency of the General Assembly, in New York, 6 June 2012.                                                           To read the full article click here.


  • Irish Independent Articles on Rialto Rights In Action Group publishing Report on Dolphin House 5th & 6th June 2012

         “Children pay price in flats full of mould and damp”

         “Damp homes making residents ill” 


  • Irish Times Article, 5th June 2012

          Merged Rights and Equality Commissin Bill published


  • The Equality & Rights Alliance Response to Human Rights & Equality Commission Bill 2012

          ERA produce a synopsis of some positive developments proposed in the draft Bill as well as key concerns.


  • The European Commission exchange of good practice seminar on awareness raising on violence against women and girls was held in London on the 7th - 8th February 2012.

           COSC, The National Office for the Prevention of Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence attended the European                Commission Exchange.  The papers related to the exchange of good practice can be accessed here


  • Irish Times Article, 24th May 2012

          Charities mean business:  Firms partner with non-profit organisations


  • Le Chéile, The Wheel, Vol II, Issue 2, Summer 2012 

          Focus Ireland's article "Nowhere to Call Home"

          Click here to link to the entire Issue of Le Chéile.


  • Irish Times Article, 14th May 2012

          For citizens, the law is not a consumer product


  • Law Gazette May 2012

          Housing Group booklet  aims to reduce risk of eviction



  • Letter to the Irish Times, 4th May 2012

          Eileen O'Sullivan writes to the editor about the impact of rent allownace cut on her personally


  • Irish Times Article, Wednesday, 2nd May 2012

          Welfare standards of living assessed


  • Irish Times Article, Friday 27th April 2012

          Homeless charity sees rising demand


  • Irish Times Article, Friday 20th April 2012

         Homeless Film Festival 2012, showing for one day in Dublin’s Irish Film Institute 



  • Law Society Gazette, April 2012

           MLRC wishes to congratulate Marie Quirke on her recent nomination for a judicial appointment to the District Court.                      Marie was a founding board member of MLRC and we wish her much success

           Five Solicitors nominated by Gov. for judicial appointment to the Circuit and District Courts


  • RTE reports that households remain under financial pressure, Monday 16th April 2012

          A new survey outlines the financial hardships householders re facing on a daily basis


          Legal aid waiting times continue to spiral


  • Irish Times Article, Monday 19th March 2012, Edited by Carol Coulter  

          Supreme Court Judgement - Council restricted in right to evict tenants




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