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  • “In early 2014 I went to Mercy Law on Cork Street, on a friend’s advice.  You see I was legally separated and my ex-wife was in the family home. During this time I became homeless due to illness.  The reason I went to Mercy Law was I had a problem.  In 2013 I applied to the Council to be put on the housing list, but they refused to put me on it because I’m a home owner.  The staff at Mercy Law got in touch with the Council for me and about two weeks later I received a phone call from them to say I’ve been put on the housing list and I should hear from the Council soon.  It is now 2015 and I got a place from the council! I’m very grateful to Mercy Law for the help they gave me.  They were very understanding when I went to see them.  And they were very efficient in their job.  They are a wonderful group of people and as I said I will always be grateful and never forget what they did for me.


  • “I was sleeping rough, the will was changed illegally, but I couldn’t have lived with such a bully.  I went to Focus Ireland who put me in touch with Mercy Law Resource Centre.  It was an extremely tough time for me and I didn’t know what to do about the will.  Sabrina turned everything around, without her I wouldn’t have got anywhere.  I got extremely good advice to put me straight. My family doctor helped because MLRC was helping me.  I have nothing but position feelings for Mercy Law, I’m very emotional as I speak as I owe you a lot.  Keep up the brilliant work.”


  • ‘I found Sabrina very help, she was just brilliant. We were getting nowhere with the Council until Sabrina got onto them.  The chap was so ignorant to me on the phone I was afraid to speak, so Sabrina did all the talking for us and got us on the housing list for a three bedroom.  For nine years we were being told the same thing – that we were only entitled to a one bed because our children lived with my mum, but we needed a home so that we could get the kids back.  We are still waiting for a three bed house in the area the children go to school, but at least now we are entitled to a three bed house for all of us because Sabrina got all the letters from the social workers and explained everything to the Council."


  • “It all stated four years ago, I had a lot of problems with my house but the Council wouldn’t help me out.  I got no help for two years and the house was in bits.  I was working in Joseph’s Dinner House and Noel there put me in touch with Mercy Law Resource Centre and I met Sabrina in Noel’s office. I told Sabrina my house was only a new house but had been flooded three times, there was terrible dampness and my stuff was ruined. Sabrina took on my case and said she would do everything to help me.  For two years Sabrina fought my case and she kept on fighting until everything was sorted.  I fought for two years on my own and then Sabrina fought for another two years for me.  After Sabrina took on my case, when I had a problem with the house Sabrina got onto the Council and they came out to me straight away.  Sabrina changed my whole life.  The heating hadn’t been working and now it is.  The bathroom kept flooding all the time, now I have a new bathroom.    I had depression during all this, but my life is changed completely now.  Sabrina rang me every week and kept reassuring me it would all be sorted and that we would win in the end.  Only for Sabrina I don’t know where I would be.  My house is now warm and cosy and now it is like home now.”


  • "I had a problem with the County Council, I am a European National but I never worked in Ireland, only my husband worked in Ireland. Two years ago I started to separate from my husband, but the Council would not put me on their housing list because they said I hadn’t work in Ireland during the last 52 weeks.  I was told I had a choice either to go back to my husband or get work, neither was an option for me.  I didn’t know what to do.  I went to Citizens Information and they put me in touch with Mercy Law Resource Centre.  Sabrina was my last chance and she helped me get sorted and now I have rent allowance.  I am very happy."



  • "Thank you very much for all the support and help that my family has received from Mercy Law Resource Centre in May 2013. Sabrina Comerford was the one who professionally dealt with our case. Thanks to her competent action Social Welfare Appeals Office has granted our appeal in connection with Supplementary Welfare Allowance claim.  That is what secured our family in that difficult life situation connected with my husband’s long term illness.  We were very impressed with the advice and service we received and most of all, with the personable approach and we would highly recommend this company to anyone seeking help in relation to legal and social welfare matter."


  • "Focus Ireland put me in touch with Mercy Law Resource Centre, who are wonderful. Sabrina is very helpful and extremely thorough.  I certainly wouldn’t like to take her on in an argument!  She is very straightforward, honest, she didn’t lead me up the garden path, black was black, white was white. Anything she promised she got for me.  Dublin City Council had refused to deal with me, I had been a tenant, then a purchaser, but I had to sell and move into my mother’s house and only Sabrina’s fight last year got me through this.  Dublin City Council has now housed me out of Avoca House, all thanks to Sabrina in Mercy Law Resource Centre and Focus Ireland. Sabrina did all the legal fighting, she understood how my family treated me, she showed great compassion and understanding.  Only for Mercy Law Resource Centre I would still be in emergency accommodation."


  • "Mercy Law was a great help to me.  I did not know where to start or how it would finish.  I went to Crosscare, who referred me to Mercy Law.  I saw Rose first, she offered me to sit down with a cup of tea, I explained my situation and she said MLRC would do their best to help me.  I gave my details and had another appointment and Mercy Law advised me to see my ex-wife to explain to her I had to remove my name from her house as I was down as a tenant of RAS.  I met with Rose again and then Sabrina, who was very wonderful.  She helped me get the form I needed for the Council.  Then I could get a letter and the Council said I had to get a barrister to sign my affidavit and Mercy Law helped me with this.  Then my file was good and it didn’t take a long time before I could go to the Council’s housing section and make my application for housing.  I was now qualified to get housing.  It was hard to find a house to rent but I had good people who helped me and in a while it was good.  I am now renting a house with my son.  My experience is that with Mercy Law and their advice I knew what to do. It was difficult but Mercy Law took an interest in me, they are interested in helping the people, they come and talk, they are so good and take the time to help you.  I wish Mercy Law will continue to help the people like that and we need to help Mercy Law.  I will come back to say thank you."



  • “From the day I walked into Focus Ireland in Temple Bar and put in touch with Mercy Law Resource Centre, Cork Street, I was reassured to my surprise that they would help and fight my case regarding a housing situation, which was very serious.  Trying to move from Dublin City Council to Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council on serious medical grounds.  It was a very stressful procedure but, the solicitors and staff at Mercy Law Resource Centre made it much easier as they were very helpful and professional and may I add very compassionate.   I was updated on everything, I never had to chase anything up, they were so professional even down to telephone conversations.  It was sent to me in letters so I myself could keep track of what was going on.  In my dealings with solicitors and staff I never came across any communication problems, they made everything very clear and in simple terms.  The staff were very welcoming to myself and my young daughter, who was five years of age, which made it a very relaxing atmosphere for both of us, especially my daughter. Only for hard working dedicated people in Mercy Law Resource Centre I would not have been able to get myself and my daughter to a safe secure home on serious medical grounds, near my family to care for myself and my daughter.  May I add just to say a big thank you to all the staff and solicitors at Mercy Law for making this possible.”


  •  “I had nowhere to live, I was in a transitional house, down on my luck after getting sacked unfairly (as it came out in the end).  No job, nowhere to live and I was put in touch with Mercy Law,  who  were  just  brilliant.  I  didn't think  anything  could  be  done  with  what  was  after happening and because I was sacked unfairly I felt I couldn't go looking for work in a crèche again.   But Mercy Law took on  my case no  problem, they came  with me  to the Tribunal otherwise I wouldn't have got what I got without Mercy Law because I don't know how to talk in court, they [the crèche] had me over a barrel. I wouldn't have won the case, I would have had to represent myself because I had no money and nobody to help me, but Mercy Law did, they were great.  They kept in great contact with me and helped me with the aftermath of the court case with letters because the crèche came back saying they had no money and if I had been on my own I wouldn't have got anything.  I owe Mercy Law a lot, their service is great and they kept on top of everything."


  • “It happened in 2009, my marriage started to deteriorate and my husband was borrowing money in my name without me knowing it.  I had nowhere to go and went to the Women's Refuge in Rathmines, who referred me to Sonas Housing.  The trouble started to begin then because my name was on a property with my husband and the Council didn't want to know. The Women's Refuge helped me apply to the Council for housing, but the Council refused my application because my name was on a property, so I applied to a different Council.  I thought everything was going to be ok because the Council stamped my application, but after a number of months the supervisor said they could not take me because of my private property.  I felt so humiliated.  I was at the end of my tether and wanted to end it all.  I didn't know what to do, then I saw Rose at Mercy Law a few times.  Rose got me a new housing form and I filled it up and got all the letters I needed, but I was so terrified at the thought of having to go back to the Council, I was delighted because Rose brought the application for me…. I'm on the housing list now, I get rent allowance and I'm delighted.  Mercy Law saved my life because I was going to end it all. Rose had the time and the patience, she understood and took it all on board, I was crying all the time. I had told two other solicitors my problem, but they didn't understand, it was like chalk and cheese, Rose and all the staff at Mercy Law understood the whole situation."



  • “My life has been with more downs than ups, and eventually I ended up abroad, homeless and with a deep depression.  One day I took the step to come back to Ireland and try for a new beginning. However, when I arrived in Dublin back in 2008 my [Refugee] status was not recognised and I was left to live homeless and penniless. For around 3 years I barely survived, getting my meals in places like the Cappuchin Centre and sleeping on the streets.  One fortunate day, a staff member at the Iveagh Trust put me in contact with the Mercy Law Centre. It was the day my life started turning around as I began to get legal aid from Rose who wrote to the Department of Justice on an ongoing and untiring basis, producing the necessary documentation to prove that I was entitled to live and work in Ireland. She was a great helper and motivator for me. Equally productive was getting me to see a type of counsellor, what they call "a friendship service" which was of enormous help to me as it gave me the opportunity to explore my depression and eventually get over it.  I want to state that I am no longer living on the streets or suffer from depression thanks to the all-encompassing service that was provided to me by the Mercy Centre. They are doing an enormously valuable job and I have absolutely no hesitation in saying what wonderful people they are. And to the staff: Please accept my most sincere thankfulness.  You changed my life.”


  • “I first met Rose and Mercy Law Resource Centre in August 2010 after been told about the Centre through a friend of mine as I had just been told by DCC that they would not be placing me on the housing list. After one and years of hard work and mediation by Rose and Mercy Law my case with DCC was successful.”


  • “I am writing to thank you for all of your fine work in helping me with my Dublin City Council and Rent Supplement problem.  I am most grateful for the way you have intelligently handled my matter.  You respectfully have gave me all the information I needed to make a decision and then you have acted on it. I could not be any more satisfied with the results which without you and Mercy Law it wouldn't be possible. I will highly recommend you and Mercy Law to anybody I think that they may need you, as the service you provide is at its best.”


  • “Thank you very much for your assistance in my case. I find Mercy Law Resource Centre and its solicitors very professional and helpful.  The services they provide are of excellence and highest standard.  It makes a different in people's life.”


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